By plane

JAL and ANA operate multiple flights per day from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and Osaka’s Itami Airport to Akita Airport. Flight duration is about 70 minutes and 90 minutes, respectively. Discount tickets are usually available with early reservation. Buses connect Akita Airport with Akita Station in the city center (40 minutes, 900 yen one way). See the schedule of the buses (in Japanese; the columns under the dark red heading are the departure times from the airport and arrival time at Akita Station and Akita City Office, respectively).

By train

Direct Komachi trains on the JR Akita Shinkansen travel between Tokyo and Akita. The one way trip takes around four hours, costs about 17,000 yen and all seats require seat reservations. There are hourly departures, and the trip is fully covered by the Japan Rail Pass and JR East Pass. You can plan your trip by train at Hyperdia.

By night bus

Akita Chuo Kotsu and Odakyu Bus operate overnight buses between Tokyo and Akita. The one way journey takes about eight hours and costs 9,450 yen, while a round trip ticket costs 16,000 yen and must be used within ten days. The route is also served by discount bus companies, such as Willer Express, with one way fares from around 6,000 yen.

In Akita

The conference will take place at Akita University. It is located at a 15 minutes walk from the east exit of Akita Station (see map below). You can also take a taxi from the station, with a fare around 800 yen.

International Workshop